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The South Carolina State University marching "101" Band

**Please be reminded that there are currently NO scholarship opportunities available for Colorguard. SLOTS ARE LIMITED!**

New members: $350
Returning members: $350
Managers $200.

The “Electric Silk” Color Guard consists of skilled and talented young people. They add a magnificent splash of color and fun to the South Carolina State University Marching 101 Band. The “Electric Silk” Color Guard spin flag poles between five to eight feet, which weigh about six pounds. They sometimes even twirl rifles, which can weigh up to five pounds. All of these things are done in sync with the music as well as marching in step with the rest of the band. Spinning, tossing, catching and dancing is incorporated into their repertoire, to help entertain spectators at football games. These are just a few things that the color guard members may tackle in an average football game or even rehearsal.

The “Electric Silk” Color Guard experience at South Carolina State University itself is like no other. “Electric Silk” members are in constant motion for multiple hours of intense practice. Since practices can be several hours long, “Electric Silk” requires members who don’t give up, put a smile on their face, and perform, even when they may be tired from long rehearsals and tedious schedules.

The “Electric Silk” Color Guard members learn to break down walls, and open themselves to criticism which helps to improve their talent, and technique. Physical tolerance is needed to put together running, dancing and equipment work, which is required to make a great show possible. Although Color Guard by definition is a sport, due to its physical and competitive aspects, it is also considered an art at South Carolina State University. “Electric Silk” members use elements of expression to entertain spectators at football games. The music and scenery set by the flags and band members, complete the show.

The “Electric Silk” Color Guard is an awesome experience for the performer and the spectator. As the world of Color Guard continues to become more popular, remember that at South Carolina State University, Color Guard is beauty, love, talent, cooperation, learning, challenges, and raw emotion. It is becoming the best person that one can possibly be because it is apart of Life‘s purpose for today‘s marching bands.

  Electric Silk