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It is the “Champagne” philosophy that the movements and training that one exhibits, only teaches and prepares them to be a graceful and poised adult in their everyday lives after they leave the university’s hallowed halls.

The ingredients for the large commitment of these special students in 
devotion to academics, dedication to training, good citizenship, and the continued encouragement of the “SC Bulldog Spirit”, is bottled and packaged to serve the very best to all they entertain.

This lends truth to the statement at SC State that: 


With electrifying moves that “WOW” spectators on a South Carolina Saturday afternoon, to stadiums and audiences across the country, the volume of Champagne’s movement, grace, and style says something that words cannot express and can only be witnessed with the eyes.

The “Marching 101” Dance Team Program, through technical instruction and performance discipline, allows students to be artistic in dance and keep creativity alive with enthusiastic performances with the band and during appearances.

This select group of performers serves as the ambassadors of the “SC State of Mind” and the pride in the State of South Carolina’s “Beautiful Places and Smiling Faces” motto.

**Please be reminded that there are currently NO scholarship opportunities available for Champagne Dancers. SLOTS ARE LIMITED!**

Champagne                                      Champagne

Innovation• discipline• Musicianship
The South Carolina State University marching "101" Band

“Champagne is not an extracurricular choice…it is a lifestyle.”

Charisma, Passion, Love, and Talent!